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All inquiries will be replied to within an hour or two during business hours.

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8AM to 6PM Pacific Standard Time 8AM to 6PM Pacific Standard Time Closed - Answering Service for Emergencies 9:19:22 AM Pacific Standard Time

1 800 975-5569 1 310-598-3877 1 800 975-5569

Five Star Luxury Villas U.S. address is:
123 West Nye Lane, Suite 129
Carson City, NV 89706

Five Star Luxury Villas ensures confidential handling of all customer data. Your confidential information will NEVER be passed on to anyone for any purpose other than booking your accommodations.

Due to the LARGE amount of SPAM (junk mail) we have had to remove our e-mail address from our website. Please call us toll-free or use the contact form below.

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